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About Fix My Credit Info

www.Fixmycreditinfo.com is designed to help consumers learn how to manage and rebuild their personal credit. The site is designed to help those in Canada and the United States of America.

The goal of the site is to provide information that consumers can use to help understand their credit and the importance of its care and maintenance.

The information on this site is gathered and collected from websites and books, along with personal interviews and collaborations with people and companies. We attempt to confirm all information but we are not responsible for the content from guests and contributors that are not on staff.

The intent of www.Fixmycreditinfo.com is to help provide information for consumers to help them maintain and if need rebuild their personal credit.

We will not post any hateful or insulting posts. We welcome positive and negative comments but want basic manners observed in all comments submitted by the public. All comments will be reviewed before publishing to ensure these policies are enforced.

We do not warranty or guarantee any of these products as this is done through the manufacturer and the website you make your final purchase with. Please refer to that website or the manufacture directly with any support or refund issues.

www.Fixmycreditinfo.com receives referral commissions from some of these websites whenever you make a purchase. These commissions help to fund the hosting of this website and help in overhead costs and expenses.